The Many Uses of a Cantaloupe

Ever wonder what you can make with a cantaloupe? You have no idea about the many uses for a cantaloupe until you check this video out.

Corn Pollination

Joe describes the process that corn goes through as it pollinates and begins maturing.

Melon Irrigation

Joe explains how we irrigate melons here in the Imperial Valley using ditches, gravity and furrows.

A Day in the Life of a Melon Breeder

A short video used as part of a presentation showing the methodology of a Melon Plant Breeder.

Pulling Plastic

In this video Joe explains the process of pulling the plastic off the Cantaloupe beds.

Importance of Irrigation

In this week’s video Joe explains how proper irrigation methods impact the netting and overall look and feel of the melon.

Corn Harvesting

In this video Joe explains how we harvest and pack corn in the fields.

Early Indications of Sizing

Joe Colace explains what we look for to begin gauging what size melons we can expect in our early cantaloupe fields.

Cross Pollination

Joe Colace, of Five Crowns Marketing, discussing the importance of bees in the cross pollination process of our melons.

Cantaloupe Update

Thinning the Honeydews

Corn Update

Yellow Corn Varieties

Here is a video of Joe Colace discussing our yellow corn and the importance of growing various varieties.

Early White Corn

Here is a video of Joe Colace, President of Five Crowns, discussing our early corn. We will be posting videos and pictures of the spring crop so you can follow along as we grow, harvest, and ship our product to a store near you.

Cantaloupes Under Plastic

See how we create a mini greenhouse environment on every row of cantaloupes we grow so that your shoppers can consistently enjoy beautiful, great tasting melons.

Cross Pollination (Bees)

Learn how we utilize bees to pollinate our cantaloupe plants.