Five Crowns Marketing has taken measures to help with sustainability in its operations. 

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The corrugated packaging that we use for our melons are sourced from manufactures that are Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. Our bulk sweet corn packaging has been switched from the traditional wax carton to a closed-loop, 100% recyclable, polypropylene carton.
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In December of 2011 Five Crowns Marketing commissioned a 2.2 mW solar facility at their Crown Cooling plant in Brawley, CA. The system is comprised of 9,744 Yingli modules and 6 Advanced Energy inverters, which produce approximately 3.8 million kWh annually. The system is designed to produce 85% of Crown Cooling’s total annual energy load. The project was built by Swinerton Builder’s Renewable Energy Group out of San Diego.
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Our cooling facilities are also helping take steps towards a more sustainable operation. Sustainable practices range from LED lighting inside the cooling facility to solar power that can produce 85% of our total annual energy load.


All operations also follow programs to help properly dispose of waste that is generated throughout the year like used oil, tires, and trash.