Joe Colace

President, Owner, Board Member

Started: 1983

It has been the intention of our family to create a team atmosphere and commitment to excellence.  I personally have experienced much joy and satisfaction since the inception of the company and am excited for what the future holds!

Bill Colace

CEO, Owner, Board Member

Started: 1983

The greatest asset Five Crowns has are the people that work for us. The Colace family has been blessed with so many wonderful employees and I’m grateful for each one of them.

Danny Colace

Vice President Brawley Division, Board Member

Started: 2011

Strong team environment and a wonderful staff! When you feel like everyone you work with is family it makes work fun and the time flies by!

Tyler Colace

Vice President Tracy Division, Board Member

Started: 2009

I value the opportunity to continue to grow a company built by my grandfather, father, and uncle.

Ryan Mamer

Director of Field Operations, Board Member

Started: 2019

Working where everyone feels like family.  We are all working for a common goal, and help each other succeed every single day.

Kelly Strickland

COO, Board Member

Started: 2012

Working along side family and friends in a challenging and rewarding environment. Every day brings something new.

Billy Colace

General Manager Crown Cooling

Started: 2015

I love the family owned and operated company culture and enjoy working with everyone.


Jim Thoming


Started: 2021

Kelly Partch

Started: 2014

Two things that stand out to me are the family culture and that every day is different than the day before.  I love the challenge and changes.

Charlotte Harris

Office Manager

Started: 1999

At Five Crowns there is never a dull moment.

Jose Galvan

IT Director

Started: 2018

Five Crowns is a culturally diverse workplace with excellent business ethics and an inclusive organization.

Hector Soto


Started: 2019

I like the family vibe and how everyone is willing to help each other.

Rashell Lilla


Started: 2017

I like learning so much about the produce industry and how food gets to our tables!

Charray Reeves


Started: 2000

I like the Five Crowns is a family owned business.  Everyone cares about each other and works as a team.

Maria Villaverde


Started: 2009

I appreciate everything at Five Crowns, especially that it’s a team effort.  Plus ,there’s something new to learn everyday.

Brenda Garavito


Started: 2021

Hard work, dedication and commitment are part of this great team. It’s wonderful to be able contribute to such an exceptional company with strong values!


Osiel Gonzalez

Quality Control

Started: 2022

Jaime Valenzuela

Director of Refrigeration & Maintenance

Started: 2021

Cameron Tate

Food Safety Director

Started: 2013

I enjoy working for a family owned company with such a great team.  I also appreciate the top-down commitment to top-notch customer service.

Gabe Leyvas

Started: 1977

Jacob Ayala

Started: 2014

Eddie Ferrel

Started: 2006


Daren Van Dyke

Director of Marketing

Started: 1996

I love the fact that we’re a family organization, how we treat everyone, and our ethics.

Mike Maler


Started: 2007

Enjoy working for a family owned company,  and with such a great team.  And from the top down commitment to top notch customer service.

Ray Spinelli


Started: 2008

Our motto!   It says it all and this is why I love working at Five Crowns Marketing – “Faith, Family, Farm”.

Pat Colin


Started: 2014

Dedication to quality and supplies. Family owned with ownerships heavy involvement.

PJ Colin


Started: 2014

I love that it is a family owned business with a family environment.  Everyone here works together and for each other.

Cruz Carrera


Started: 2019

Family culture and team mentality… True Growers of produce – not many can say that in our industry.

Jake Brady


Started: 2019

Family owned and operated very enjoyable environment to work in. I love this place by far best job I have ever had.

Doug Kline


Started: 2020

I appreciate being able to play a role in the long, rich history of the agricultural industry in the Imperial Valley.

Greg Taylor


Started: 2020

I love all the amazing people I get to work with every day and the sense of family between us. We’re all one big team.