sweet corn

Sweet Corn

Five Crowns Marketing is one of the leading sweet corn growers and processors in the United States. We  provide our customers with a year-round supply

Mixed Melons

Mixed Melons

Galia Melon Galia melons are reminiscent of a cantaloupe, but are larger than most other types of melons and are oftentimes notably sweeter than cantaloupe. They

Flavorful Picasso Melons

Picasso Melons

The Picasso melon is of Japanese origin and is a variety exclusive to Five Crowns.  It is a firm, white fleshed melon that gets extremely

Crisp Asparagus


In 2019, Five Crowns expanded our asparagus supply beyond Caborca, Mexico to include Washington and several regions in both Mexico and Peru. We offer green,

Juicy Watermelon


Five Crowns is one of largest growers and shippers of seedless watermelons on the west coast. As with all of our commodities, we grow varieties

Ripe Cantaloupe


Five Crowns Marketing is one of only two shippers to exclusively grow the popular Origami cantaloupe variety. While it has a familiar rough, tan, netted

Fresh Honeydew


Five Crowns Marketing is known for our wide assortment of melon varieties, including honeydew. This popular melon is beloved for its sweet flavor and soft,