Food Safety

At Five Crowns Marketing our Food Safety philosophy is simple: “We put Food Safety first.” Food Safety is the most important task of all of our operations, and all of our operations, actions, and tasks will in some way involve food safety.

Food Safety is an integeral part of our entire operation. It also includes non-production items such as training of employees, as well as production items, such as warehousing and shipping of product.

Food Safety is not a static program, it is dynamic in nature. Each and every meeting discusses Food Safety and each and every Management action ensures Food Safety not only fits comfortably into the overall objective of Five Crowns Marketing, but that it is also understood and easily executed by each and every employee of Five Crowns Marketing.

Food Safety and Quality Control is the responsibility of all the employees of Five Crowns Marketing although the burden of Food Safety and Quality Control is in the hands of Management and Supervisors. Management has provided the tools and established guidelines for producing safe, wholesome, quality products. All of our employees are accountable for consistently maintaining these standards.

Five Crowns Marketing has established a Hazard Control Program to institute a proactive Food Safety system  for all operation’s whereby any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception  through distribution.

The Hazard Program has been established with the help of the company officers. Although the burden of Food Safety is in the hands of Management and Supervisors, all employees serve as inspectors as the product moves through their areas. Five Crowns Marketing’s employees are authorized to hold or reject product found to be out of compliance, subject to the evaluation and final approval of authorized Management.