you’ll have to just bear with me what I’m reviewing is a set of pharynx ordered from list are these fairings are for a 2002 Yamaha YZF 600 R it’s the total package and these are the ABS injection style fairings try to do as much research as possible but I realized there wasn’t that much going on when in regards to how saves to provide Korea or China or Hong Kong so I figured I’d be the guinea pig and I’d share my experience with you all hopefully I can get something from it so this is the package as it arrived yesterday the package is fine there’s no damage to the package whatsoever I’ll unbox it next and equal to live alright so this is the box opened the contents are not packed quite well there’s a lot of a lot of space where these could be jarred around there’s no bubble wrap or these air packages so that’s a disappointment and I believe in the advertisement the guy was standing on the the crate and I could have sworn it was framed out with the wood so crossing my fingers and all unwrapped and see what we get just an example of how they’re wrapped it’s just covered in this styrofoam wrap and secured with tape it it looks like ,cheap motorcycle fairings,it’s it’s wrapped with care that you know I think I still would prefer bubble wrap or mold more packaging material inside so far the pieces are looking good that’s next okay so I guess here’s the part you probably wanted to fast-forward to the inspection of each piece and the condition of the paint let me go ahead and walk over here the paint quality looks well spectacular the pieces have a nice a luster shine they have that all that showroom look the decal looks fantastic looks factory even though I think they kind of did that one it on their own free handed the interior the moment mounting posts look good they look the same stylist factory .

I don’t think they improvised at all so they clean their edges pretty well and you know of course we’re gonna have to worry about fitment when I get it on the bikes frame but so far the pieces look really good look at exactly know when it comes to the plastic they do feel a little bit and I’m talking slightly like maybe ten twenty percent a little less rigid a little more flimsy I don’t know if that’s because the original set had aged or if that’s just the way it is you know because these are aftermarket here’s an Elise tank is a good example I can’t find one flaw on the tank cover the logo is straight the original stripes as described on the website are there and there’s no they’ve had a couple different patterns this is just and it looks fantastic you know holes everything look good now that’s not to say that this is all perfect for example the tail I don’t know if you can look straight on but if you get to the a the second day in Yamaha you’ll see that it’s slightly off-kilter and then the HD a kind of gone when an upswing so you think something is important is the decals and the labels would be applied with a little bit more precision but this is really splitting hairs I’m not going to freak out over that plus the tail piece of other ones fine so I’ll probably just use it anyhow the breasts looks in the fairings .

I guess that’s what we’re always buying these damn things to replace anyways right the logo looks fantastic the paint’s got great shine and sheer the turn signals the area for that they look well done I just hope this thing fits the only thing negative I can say about the fairings is it looks like they kind of did their own in-house Lowe going here when they got to Delta Box it looks a little well novice I guess you can really see it in the a and the B but again splitting hairs my old Delta box label was kind of scuffed up anyway so I’m kind of happy to see that again the interior the heat shielding does not go all the way to the back not really necessary ,yamaha r6 fairings,but I think on my old one it did extend all the way to the back the heat shielding is I don’t know if you can see this I guess it’s bargain-basement stuff it doesn’t feel very substantial I’ll probably go in and add some more of my own because riding around here in Austin it gets a little hot all the bolt holes in case you were curious about those keep in mind that this kit does not come with hardware this is from Bliss Star so you’re going to have to keep your hardware or you can order a kid seen some kits but I didn’t research them too much.

but they were on $40.00 now the pillars and all the other miscellaneous pieces they can looking pretty dirty to be honest I don’t know if that’s too bright for you but the finish is the same you know the same finish ,r6 fairings,it looks really good I’ll will I’ll fess up be very careful when you’re opening these things because it doesn’t say this side up top bottom and you don’t know so I got overzealous with the box cutter went through some of the styrofoam and gave myself my first little present on my new set so keep in mind don’t go too deep of that razor okay so again all the pieces are here and accounted for there’s no cracks no blemishes the sets look great so we’ll go to part two and might come out a little later but that’s when we go for the fitment so our most important concern again thanks for watching hope this helps life you


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