fairing kit plastics yamaha yzf R1 2012-2014 unboxing china

okay so this unboxing video this is for the fairness for the 2012  2014 Yamaha r1 this one’s I ordered them on eBay probably actually they took like four days to get here it was really really fast shipping the price was a really good deal 264 shipping handling and they came from California so it took really fast to get here that those the the frames are injection mold and like I said I just want to save a little bit of money for the project in them just got this motorcycle earrings this is the motorcycle parts store FDB I don’t know whatever they got good prices in them on their site we want to check them out it’s on eBay they ship really really fast that’s where I got there yeah Yamaha r1 hit light so if you guys wanna check them out they got good prices ,cheap motorcycle fairings,so I’m gonna open this box real quick and I’ll show you the earrings it’s not the condition of them hopefully they don’t broken or just help me with angles and all that stuff so box so so you can see that’s the box from the inside as all the fairings and I’m gonna show you each piece by piece so I’m gonna put the Box down so this is the tank cover as I said injection mold so quality is this ridiculous not religiously sorry ,,it’s nice almost William quality you know go wrong and 420 and $65 260 yeah it’s a good deal this is the tank cover fairing gonna put it aside [Applause] this is the right side bearing they already come with a heat shield to be installed so that’s that’s a thumbs up for that company they’re shining these fairings and as you can see is the bearing itself is the right side looks nice actually.

I like the color so as you can see white are for the angle but my freakin cameras too small doing with my phone so that’s the right side and this one is defender all right so this is the fender front fender for the yamaha r1 om taps everything holds our pre-drilled ready to install with the main part bearing this is the hit light fare Wow it has leave me speechless the quality and design man it’s really really nice it’s a White has the decals on it like the original one the only difference that I can tell the color of the original fairings are like better quality everything is better quality origin original OEM ,r1 fairings,but this thing right here instead of a being black its carbon fiber vinyl sticker it looks better but I mean only a few people will know this but yeah like I said this is the front and this is the back so like I said also pre-drilled taps are injection mold everything so it will fit like a om minor really really minor modification but not not too not too much okay so is the tail section as the Yamaha logo on it .

so you can see good quality bearings and really really cheap back the back piece of the taps cold everything that’s the tail faring bottom piece the undertail just white that’s a bit of scratch on it uh no big deal oh good one I got no more room the only like that is not gonna have the freakin seat she’ll cover for it but it did came with it so thumbs up sounds great is the rest of the plastic trim are those inside of them that like very and bracket for the seat Cal . yamaha r1 fairings,tank bearing covers and transfer those on the side little placidity to go for the headlight that the path for the freakin seat Cal cover this is for the air ducts from the left and right cover this is some trim cover for the for the bike sits on the left and right side this is another in your fairy sorry for making this video too long but it’s a lot of parts and pieces this is the left side of bearing you can tell everything is there otherwise it’s good good-looking trim pieces to go around this one also come with the heat shield pre-installed that’s good awesome they’re big so it covers all the thing .

because I most of the time what you get at the market bearings this this ones will melt as the ABS plastic is too thin but these ones have the decals and stickers so I’m gonna put like extra stickers on it to make it look even nicer Holika sbk World Superbike kind of theme but yeah this is the left side bottom right side same decals and everything heat shield thumbs up again I thought it was gonna come with most of the time when you order fairings online you get that freaking on windshield or but this one didn’t came with it but I’m fine it’s totally fine there’s another cover so yeah this is about it this is the whole fancy 260 free shipping and handling most of the stuff it’s on California so it get it’s arrived it arrives a really really fast on here you can see all my mess so you guys want to buy it I’ll try it let me know check out that company for the fairings they have good specials in prices and I’ll see you the next video hope you like it and then now I’m gonna post a video when the bike is finished so you can see all the products that I bought from eBay and the stores that I got it from and give you it so you can see you want to save a little bit of money make the your bike look different so thanks for watching peace


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