Crown Cooling


The Crown Cooling Facility is located at 995 S. 9th Street in Brawley, CA.  We run approximately 5,000,000 cartons through this facility per year.  Everything from Asparagus out of Mexico in the winter to our own Majesty melons and GloriAnn corn throughout the summer and fall.  Crown Cooling is divided into two separate coolers.  The original cooler was built during the 1920’s and has been added onto and retrofitted over the years.  The new cooler is a 55,000 sf state of the art facility that was completed in the winter of 2013.  The facility houses 18 cooling tunnels and a racking system that holds up to 1,360 pallets.  Crown Cooling is also home to Five Crowns’ 2.2 mW solar system.  The solar system was completed at the end of 2011 and powers roughly 85% of the overall power needs at Crown Cooling.  Crown Cooling is truly the most efficient and advanced cooling facility in the Southern U.S.  Click Here for photos of the new facility.