Chris Martin’s Chilaquiles

What makes Chris’ dish different from all the others that I have tried is that they are crispy, spicy, and the meat.  Normally chilaquiles in restaurants tend to be either soggy, or just a couple tortilla chips dunked in enchilada sauce.  They are typically a side dish.  Chris’ are a meal unto them selves. A perfect combination, including the black forrest ham and queso fresco!

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36 corn tortilla’s

12 oz black forest ham

1 large yellow onion

1 large fresh Jalapeno

1 7 3/3oz can El Pato sauce

1 12 oz Queso Fresco *

Olive Oil

In a large pan, heat a liberal amount of Olive Oil to the point where it almost smokes. Add the tortilla strips, jalapeño, onion, and black forrest ham.  Fry at high heat, turning ever few minutes.  Biggest mistake people make according to Chris, not getting everything crisp enough.  Keep frying it!  You may need to add more olive oil as the tortilla chips will soak up a lot of oil.

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When the mixture is extremely crisp, (and we mean extremely crisp!), crumble the queso fresco over the top of the mixture.  After this is complete, pour the El Pato sauce over the cheese.  Cover and let cheese melt. Mix all together and you are ready to go.

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A traditional mexican breakfast, it goes will with scrambled eggs, refried beans…. enjoy Chris’s creation.

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