Cell Phone Motorcycle Mount Review

Cell Phone Motorcycle Mount Review

Video Blog:So, we should all have a smart phone by now right? I installed several awesome GPS driving direction apps with voice turn by turn navigation on my smart phone I have all my music on it. But, the question is what is the best way to mount your cell phone or smart phone to your motorcycle and have good visual and touch access to it? What is the safest cell phone motorcycle mount/holder, so it won’t fall out? What is the slimmest and best looking cell phone motorcycle mount. Of course, one of the issues to consider is the wide variety of cases out there and in different thicknesses.

Biker Grippers are available in the Law Abiding Biker Store

Many have asked if I still run a cell phone motorcycle mount since I have the new Harley Boom! Box Infotainment System and the answer is yes. As you may know we have the 1 Rated Boom! Box Tutorial Videos and love the system, painting fairings but it has it’s limitations I feel a cell phone mount is still definitely needed for further functionality. I also need the Biker Gripper to display my smartphone while riding, so I can view real time Vance Hines Fuelpak 3 EFI tuner information via bluetooth.

We have tested both the Biker Gripper motorcycle cell phone mount system and other motorcycle cell phone mounts for some time. We have ridden many thousands of miles with each.

We like and trust this motorcycle cell phone GPS mount so much that we stamped the Law Abiding Biker logo on it and it has our full approval.

The Biker Gripper immediately feelsmuch nicer than other mountswhen adjusting your smartphone’s position using the ball joint and it is very smooth. The Biker Gripperis smaller than other mounts all the way around to include the ball joint. I like this, because it keeps things looking nice and tight on your handlebars. The last thing you want is a big ugly bulky motorcycle cell phone mount.

Each Biker Gripper mounting system is crafted in the USA through a patent CNC process using high quality aircraft grade aluminum making your mounting system more lightweight, much better looking, and most importantly more durable. harley sportster fairing

Biker Gripper head unitfor holding your electronic device

17mm ball (black or chrome)Handlebar Universal Mount System

3 reducers for mounting on 7/8 to 1 1/4 bars

Installation tools and instructions

This system fits current production handlebar sizes from 7/8″ (22mm) up to 1 14″ (32mm) into one mount system. This allows it to fit virtually every handlebar on motorcycles,snowmobiles, ATV’s, UTV’s and other powersport vehicles. Requires only 34″ of handlebar space and can be mounted at any angle.

2.) Biker Gripper Control Mount System (For Harley Metric Motorcycles)(Black or Chrome)

Biker Gripper Control Mount System

This is a great Biker Gripper mount option andattaches to your handlebar control clamps (clutch or brake side). It replaces the two factory pinch bolts with new stainless bolts and spacers on handlebar controls.

This comes as a complete kit in our store and includes:

Biker Gripper head unitfor holding your electronic device

17mm ball (black or chrome)Control Mount with pivoting shaft

Two sets of mounting spacers (10mm and 15mm long)

Two 6mm x 45mm and two 1/4 2 stainless mounting bolts

Installation tools and instructionsThis mount fits a wide range of metric and all Harley Davidson motorcycles. The control mountattaches to handlebar control clamps (clutch or brake side). It replaces the two factory pinch bolts with new stainless bolts and spacers on handlebar controls.

Check out our GoPro Motorcycle Mount Biker Gripper Handlebar Mount GoPro Head

I hope this information helps you and saves you time from having to look all over the internet for a good motorcycle cell phone mount/holder, only to find a lot of junk and things that don’t work so well. 03 gsxr 600 fairings

Ride safe. Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!

Thank you for your reviews, transparency in the sharing of information and for this site ! Awesome stuff! Based off of one of your first reviews of this mount (before you had it in your store for sale) I purchased one, and I love it ! It certainly has met or exceeded my expectations. In an attempt or desire to up the look a bit, I have been looking for a way to move my phone to the fairing. I noticed Techmount has a batwing fairing mounting plate out that appears to work with the remaining parts of this mount. Have you seen it ? Have any plans to review it ?


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