Ball with a cafe fairing

Ball with a cafe fairing

Contacted Memphis Shades via Facebook, and got some good info. They suggested the following part numbers (There are an old style and new style part number for each).

HD Fat Boy Bullet Fairing Part 2330 0086 orMEM7121

Took me 30 45 minutes to get it installed. Loosened the bolts for the headlight and all the fairing attachments, and just jiggled everything around till it fit right. I did reverse the headlight bracket to push the headlight a little further into the fairing. Fits well enough that if someone told me this was a Vegas specific fitment, I would believe them. gsx r fairing Fits very well. The shield does NOT protect from the wind above the shoulders. I still need a full face helmet, or at least my half helmet with built in visor. (I wear glasses, and the wind in my eyes is a pain). It better than no windshield, but don kid yourself, it not a windshield, 2009 cbr600rr fairings it just pretty.

I went from a Vulcan 1500 Cruiser with 21″ windshield and lowers. You could wear the smallest helmet available with my normal glasses and be fine with that. I decided that I don have a problem with a bit of wind buffeting my head, and on the worst days can always put on my full face helmet.

You would likely be able to pick up one of these online without a lot of problems. I used the clamps shown in the picture that I picked up at a fastener store, and some stainless steel nuts and bolts to attach everything to the bike. I just took two bungee tie downs and attached the shield where I wanted it, gsxr600 fairings then took the clamps and dry fitted them to the forks. I then marked where my holes would go, took it off, drilled and bolted it all on. Very easy.

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Do you have any pics of what you mean when you say you drilled into your. forks. I really want to get this to work but I not very mechanically inclined

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